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Nuno Scarf Workshop with Jean Gauger of Sugar Plum Originals

Spent all day Saturday at a great workshop learning some of the possibilities of nuno felting. Amazing! Jean is a natural and I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths. The workshop was held at New England Felting supply in Easthampton, so we had all that luscious merino wool and beautiful hand dyed silks to choose from. Owner Chris White is a renowned felter and author and a wealth of information. Now I’ve been bitten by the nuno bug and have all sorts of ideas brewing. Can’t wait to stop documenting and start playing! I love the way the felt gives way to the windows of shear silk. My first nuno scarf is at left. I used my hand painted silk for a canvas and then “painted” with merino wool. Reminds me of stained glass only softer.

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  1. Hi…..I am new at nuno felting and am having a lot of trouble finding silk scarves/fabric that is suitable for nuno…..Can you please help me by recommending a silk supplier. I live in Texas. Thank you!

  2. I offer hand-painted silks for nuno felting and will be teaching classes in Texas soon. What part of Texas are you in?

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