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now & ZEN | Nancy Dorian in the Hampshire Gazette

now & Zen rated a mention in the business “People” section of our local daily paper here in the Pioneer Valley recently. Which is kind of cool, and I was happy that they also mentioned Benji’s Boutique on Nantucket and the local galleries at which one can see (and buy) my work. :-)

– nancy

Posted 8 years, 11 months ago at 4:12 pm.

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Scarves shipped to Nantucket last week – Nuno felted and string scarves


Shipped off an order of scarves to the Island ….. these are nuno felted with some using different fibers on the felt to give a woven look. Beading on the ends. Love all the color! They are at Benji’s Boutique 27 Easy Street Nantucket, MA …. get them while they last.

nuno-and-string.JPG Benji wants to keep the white one for herself. Thinking about doing a whole series of whites. It starts with a delicate layer of silk gauze, then some fine wisps of merino wool/bamboo blend and topped with railroad ribbon accents and natural silk fibers … and of course beads.

Check out her spot on GenoTV!! Benji”s on TV

Since I got back from the Island, I’ve been working on a very colorful series of serti painted scarves on china silk. More like the laugh -in scarf and some really cool under water stuff! This is a close up of part of a jellyfish. yikes.JPG


That’s it for now. Need to get back to making. Just took some yardage out of the steamer. What to get back to doing some felting next. And … try my hand at fiber etching!!! Inspiration is everywhere and the ideas keep on coming. Which reminds me … you have to check out Chris White’s book Uniquely Felt for great ideas and tons of info. Her ribbon dress was inspiration for the string scarf series.

Stay tuned for fiber etching pictures ….

Happy Making!

Posted 8 years, 11 months ago at 9:33 pm.

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